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Spend a whole day with God // Retreat Day Resources

When Caleb and I were dating, we lived about 3 hours apart. For those four years, I remember getting so excited when we could spend time together. One of my favorite things is when we would get together on a weekend and have an "all day date". This meant we would start the day with breakfast together and not leave each other's side until the sun went down. We spent every hour of the day together, an all day date.

Those dates weren't always like something out of a romantic movie. Yes, some times we would play in waterfalls and cook special dinners together, but most of the time it was simple every day tasks that we would joyfully do hand in hand.

I can think of similar "all day dates" with my friends or family. When it's a holiday or birthday, you will find us at my parents house for a full 12 hour day of hanging out. When it's my best friend's birthday, I love trying to pull her away from her responsibilities for a full day and just laugh together. Intentionally investing in a relationship with someone can't just be done 60 minutes at a time, the "all day" hangouts build a different kind of trust, knowing, and friendship.

A few years ago Noelle Beck introduced me to this same idea when it comes to time with God. If our interaction with God is an actual relationship (the most important relationship in fact), why don't we have more "all day dates" with God?

On this week's There's More Podcast episode, I bring you along on my retreat day. You'll hear me sitting outside at 10pm, reflecting after 12 hours with my Father! I also break down three reasons why you should spend a full day with God:

  1. Your relationship with God is a relationship. We should spend time with Him accordingly!

  2. Retreat days help you refocus your heart, mind, and soul on the spiritual, not the day-to-day earthly stuff that fills our to do list.

  3. Retreat days teach you how to rest + hang out with God.

Listen to the 22 minute episode and let me know what you think!

After you listen, here is your homework... Go spend a day with God.

I'm serious! You can do it!

Step 1: Pick a date. Don't say "sometime this summer" or "maybe next month". Get out your calendar and write it down- even if it's a while away! Chances are, you aren't going to fall into a full day of freedom if you don't intentionally plan it.

Step 2: Secure the ability to run away. Make sure there is NOTHING on your to do list on your retreat day. Don't say "I'll just take this quick phone call in the morning" or figure out childcare last minute. I promise that if you put the work in ahead of time, you'll be able to show up and rest with God. It's a beautiful thing! Having "unhurried time" with God is amazing. If you need help, text one of your friends and ask if they can help you!

Step 3: Find a location. I've rented a cabin 1 hour away, hid in my basement, sat in a coffee shop, set up a spot under a tree, and even hid in my parents house. The specifics of the location isn't important, but finding somewhere that you won't be distracted or interrupted is key.

Step 4: Prepare for your day with God! Some people are better showing up with no plan, while others like to think/pray through a topic, book, or concept they want to work through with God on that day. Do whatever works best for you! If you're looking for ideas...

Retreat Day Ideas by Noelle Beck This is pure gold. I HIGHLY recommend using this document to help you navigate your time with God! Noelle has been going on retreat days once a month for years, and has recommended them to countless people. She created this document to help you enjoy your time with God as well!

You've got this, friend. There is MORE to experience in your relationship with God, and I'm praying your retreat day will give you a taste of it.


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