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A daily advent devotional for your family

Christmas Countdown

I wrote an advent guide for kids last year when I had a few days alone with God. I was thinking of my kids and praying for things I hope they will begin to understand. With Christmas being right around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to share more about God's goodness with them.


When I wrote it, I wasn't planning on sharing this with anyone except our family of five! But after a conversation with my friend Lindsey, I was reminded that many moms feel the same way I do about Christmas. There is such joy and excitement around the holidays, while at the same time this unknown insecurity that whispers "Am I actually making any of this about Jesus? Do my kids think it's just the gifts and the decorations?"

So this isn't a fancy book or a well thought out presentation. Just a mom in Akron, Ohio who loves God wholeheartedly and loves her kids a lot too. I'm sure you'll even find some typos. Essentially you're just grabbing a few pages from my journal, thinking about how I can share the delight I experience with God with my children. So if you would like to join me and countdown to Christ's birth with your family, focusing and celebrating the goodness of God, just download this advent document and spend 5 minutes a day reading it with your kids.

God, may your spirit continue to open our eyes to see you more and more as we approach Christmas!

Merry Christmas,

Hannah Nitz

p.s. The devotional is also available in Swedish! You can download that version as well! Ladda ner andakterna på svenska!

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Get the Christmas Countdown Devotional!

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