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I had a job that I had poured my heart and soul into for three years, and I loved every second of it. I knew I needed to move onto something new, but was still hesitant about walking away from an initiative I had dreamed, created, and grew before my 25th birthday. When I told my colleague I was leaving, she said "That makes sense. You're a fire starter, not a fire maintainer. You built something amazing, let someone else maintain it."

That phrase has stuck with me, and I continue to see every day how it's true. I love to dream, brainstorm, grow, encourage, market, create, launch, and start things. I perk up anytime I hear about a new business or great idea, and immediately start thinking of marketing and campaigns.

I was created to breathe vision, joy, and excitement into brands and people around me. I've done it with a county-wide initiative around poverty, a new tech company, a women's ministry on sexuality and even a local artist. I find the most joy when I am able to build a community of people around an organization, passion, or movement.

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